Win 10 release date revealed微软公司公布Win10上市日期Microsoft has officially announced its Windows 10 software will launch to 190 countries and regions and 111 languages on July 29.微软公司月宣告,将于7月29日在190个国家和地区发售Win 10软件,牵涉到111种语言。All Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, even those running pirated versions of Windows, will have one year from this date to take advantage of the free upgrade.从7月29日开始的一年内,还包括正版用户在内的所有Win 7和Win 8.1用户都可以展开免费升级。And once a device is upgraded to Windows 10, Microsoft said it will continue to keep it up-to-date for the device at no cost.微软公司称之为,一旦设备升级到Win 10系统,微软公司将免费为涉及设备获取改版。

For other Windows users, or people who dont currently run a version of the firms operating system, they will need to pay for the software.对于非Win 7和Win 8.1设备,以及目前并未用于任何微软公司操作系统的设备,使用者必须收费出售Win 10系统。Windows 10 is currently in a public preview release.目前的Win 10系统为公开发表预览版。